I was blinded by the hate of me,
The weakness of my fibers;
Meant to bridle defects solo,
To manifest myself tomorrow.

© living in verses

(I am a very introspective person by nature. A couple of years ago, I used to have low self esteem and complete chaos in my mind. The mind is a powerful thing, that can be both wholesome and lethal. Each of us has to focus more on self-acknowledgement, mental health, and inner peace. This is quite a journey, I dare say. I feel as if I climbed entire mountain ranges to achieve that, and I am not even close to the finish line! Besides, I believe that the finish line is unreachable, but one has to get on the right track at least.

This platform is becoming more and more important to me with every poem I publish and every post I read. It helped me in an inexplicable way to become the woman I am today. The maturity, wisdom, self-love and love for others I gained from it are uncountable. To think that only a couple of years ago, I felt lost, eyes empty, and the body numb; I felt detached from reality and had no objectives or stimuli that would keep my head straight. Everything started to change because I decided to finally take control of my life. Our lives are our concern and ours only. Success, friendship, love, will come eventually, but the healing has to start from within ourselves. We have to learn to appreciate the persons we are, improve the aspects we want, defeat insecurities, turn them into powerful assets, and display all of that proudly once ready.

I rarely add comments to back up my poems, because I am more comfortable with sharing my experiences and feelings through concise creative writing. This time, I wanted to add something more and perhaps inspire someone.)


13 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Thank you for sharing your posts with us. I can relate to the journey you are on. We might never reach that destination, but the intention, the journey is everything. The Age of Enlightenment, for example, wasn’t an enlightened age but was about laying the foundations for a more enlightened society in thr future – in many respects, this is still unrealised

    It may not be for you at all, but I’ve found Epicurean philosophy to be a helpful guide to living, but I take bits from Stoics, Erasmus and the Neo-Platonists, too. Release from fear, envy, jealousy, desire and superstition, and an increase in self-knowledge and moderation – we can learn a lot from the Greeks and Romans philosophers. That was no utopia, however. Life must have been full of troubles, and society must have been imperfect and corrupt, hence the need for moral philosophy to guide and console. I am grateful for what remains.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and I will eagerly look into Epicurean philosophy, as I have never heard of it! I agree that lots can be learned from ancient philosophers, they have taught me a great deal!

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  2. I love this! This is what has happened to me in a similar situation. Would it be okay if I shared your poem on my blog? Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Thanks for sharing! Great poem. I think many of us poets are introspective by nature. You are never alone 🙂 Remember: a Poet’s Qualm is often their muse 😉

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  4. Pain perhaps is inevitable but suffering is a choice. Its duration entirely depends on our perspective towards embracing the process of healing. You should be proud of the way you have conquered your past demons. A beautiful post that is decorated with a charismatic sense of inspiration.

    PS: You should certainly add notes like these in your future. It personally helps me as a reader, to connect more with you on an emotional level. 🙏🙂

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