To Dream

It’s been years since I’ve dreamt of something memorable,
Worth holding on to,
Worth waking up late,
Worth moulding funny moments in the head,
And worth longing for them to occur.

Now there is not a single dream that I’d remember,
Not one picture glued to my mind,
Falling asleep is at times miserable,
Something I count the seconds to
For my blaring thoughts to shut up.

© living in verses


11 thoughts on “To Dream

  1. I can completely relate to this poem. I often looked forward to the dream world when I was younger as an escape from the real world. Now, it seems the more logical and balanced my thoughts and worldview have become, my golden dreams have completely dried up. Whatever the reason is for you, and it may be completely different, I feel it is something precious that one has lost, despite gaining so much.

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      1. That is true. On the subject of dreams and creativity, I’ve been thinking over the question of whether creative artists gain inspiration from dreams, or just have greater clarity of thought in their dreams. I guess your view depends whether you read pop psychology or serious neuroscience studies!

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  2. Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep is a good book to read about it. Anyway, I wish you pleasant, and I hope memorable, dreams, Anastasia. 🙂


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