I’ve always feared boredom
and the impotence of simple thought;
This is why I question and challenge
all the values that keep me afloat.

© living in verses

As If

We live in a world where
one judges faces
with swipes and taps,
cancels memories
with a shallow touch,
and mutes presences
by archiving chats;

As if
Somehow to feel

© living in verses

(tell me –
where is the comfort
in that?)

Here I Believed

A stranger told me it is all my fault:
I am still too picky and deceiving;
Unfit to help others like I thought.
He read my eyes, told I am rigid;
(Here I believed I’ve changed a lot)
He said I do stuff for distraction,
Made me promise that I’d stop:
“Your heart is pure, I swear I see that,
“Why would you think so less of it?”
His words pierced through my intellect;
I guess it is indeed my fault.

© living in verses