Freedom is
freeing yourself
from your own self.

© living in verses

2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I agree, but how does one achieve this freedom? Is it through self discipline and self control of one’s thoughts, ideas, urges, desires and emotions, minimising the need for/attachment to material values and goods, and a sense that all ambitions cannot be attained and a peace of mind, free from worry, when dealing with all that comes one’s way. How many strive for this kind of freedom when the developing the body is more important to one’s image in the modern world than developing the mind? Take Yoga, for example. Have you noted how many people do Yoga as an exercise but neglect the fact it’s a ascetic Hindu practice seeking all about the above?

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    1. I completely agree when you say that developing the body is seen as being more important rather than developing the mind, which is utterly sad and unhealthy. I’ve suffered from both mental and physical “imbalances” and I initally focused more on my mind, and eventually realised that the body plays a great role too. In the end, we are left with ourselves and we have to take care of us, both mind and body.

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