There is not a single thing
in the constellation of reliefs
as riveting as trimming outrages
into soothing and tempering

© living in verses

(I used to be angry at myself and everything around me quite often. Everything changed, when I resumed my writing in a more constant way. Whenever I feel the rage pulsating through my skin and trying to kill my positive vibe, I put it down in verses and store it atop the farthest shelf of my mind. This way, I can get back to smiling and being my crazy self. Poetry kinda saved me and I will never be able to thank it enough.)

7 thoughts on “Outrages

  1. I know how you feel. Pent-up anger and frustration needs to be released, and, from my experience, poetry is an excellent outlet to channel, and express, one’s negative emotions and energies. I find writing dialogue helps as well.

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