Tension in my neck as though
A parasite were eating its way
Through glacial framework

© living in verses

10 thoughts on “Tension

      1. The feeling is mutual my friend. Do you have an insta page or insta account where you share your writings? I’d love to follow that in order to read more of your splendid writings.

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      2. Your writings are like wine, that’ll get better with time so don’t doubt the quality of your works. Yes I do have an Instagram account the ID is @gentleman.is.quiet . (I let my poems do the talking for me😅)

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      3. Thank you 🥰 I am not worried about the quality of my work. I like my poetry a bit “rough”, meaning that I put down whatever comes to my mind, without adjusting too much. I feel as if it were more true and authentic

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      4. Yes i can relate to that most of my writings are an impulsive outburst of emotions too so we are on the same emotional & creative wavelength really. Btw i loved your insta post “a snatch” that was delightful to say the least. 😊

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