And just like that, normalcy has been set aside
To battle a leviathan that cannot be taken lightly
Individual conscience must prevail upon egotism
Our world unified, not doused with racialism

© living in verses

7 thoughts on “Leviathan

  1. I love the imagery of Leviathan, a poignant analogy- associated with government or some big looming entity. The poem feels inspired by current circumstances but can certainly speak to a more general feeling.


  2. I love the imagery of leviathan because it can have so many associations making the poem transcendent. For me I can clearly see how it relates to today, with our unknowns and pandemic as our “Leviathan” but this can also be anything else big, overbearing, and perhaps negative. The message of unity is universal for battling our big issues or leviathans. Thanks for your poetry 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you found other associations, aside from the current pandemic. In fact, I wanted to stress this subject, but also write something that could and should be applied to any problem or situation. ❤


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