Words are frivolous
Lyrics are limiting
Everyone talks without demonstrating
Everyone sings the thoughts of another
Perhaps I am judgmental
But I’ve never accepted a lie
Perhaps I am squeamish
But I’ve always attended to my mind
The music I love is blank paper white
Exploring the depths of your innermost sight
I chose to live in verses to stick to my thinking
Just like the music that changed my way of living

© living in verses

(Instrumental music is my favorite music genre. Everything that goes from post-rock, progressive, epic, classical: I am crazy about it. I believe that often words are frivolous and lyrics are limiting. While pure music, pure sound of the instruments, is something astonishing. You can interpret it however you want and explore your deepest and most hidden feelings. Also, I’ve never liked the idea of sticking to quotes and thoughts of someone who is not myself. This is, essentially, the reason why I decided to find my voice in writing my own words and composing my own poems.)

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